Victor Oladipo is already thinking about getting better

Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo is not satisfied. Coming off of a Game 7 loss, his mindset is already on taking his next step up. Most people would be worried about vacation and taking some time off but Oladipo is all about getting back to work.

Oladipo took the game by storm this season, elevating his game and leading the Indiana Pacers to the playoffs. Coming into the season, Indiana wasn’t in the playoff hunt in anyone’s mind so for them to reach the 4th seed was quite remarkable. Their success had a lot to do with how much Oladipo improved his game.

Victor Oladipo
A quick snapshot of Victor Oladipo’s statistical improvements over the past three years.  (stats via ESPN)

He’s hands down the most improved player of the season and I don’t even think it’s a debate. Looking at where he was last season playing alongside Russell Westbrook and where he is now is a major increase. He’s a top-notch scorer with crazy bounce and he’s immensely grown as a leader. He’s a hooper in every sense in the word. A class act and just all about working hard and getting after it.

Today was just another example of that. Following the Game 7 loss, he texted his trainer wanting to know when they were getting back in the gym.

Not even hours after the game, Oladipo is already on to the next. Trying to figure out where and how he can improve and get even better from where he was. With this type of mindset, it’s no question why he had the year that he did. Oladipo is not satisfied and he’s all about perfecting his craft every chance he gets. If you thought this season was something for Oladipo, I’m expecting even better things for years to follow.


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