NBA Free Agency & Draft reactions | The Atlantic Files Ep166

NBA Free Agency
The Atlantic Files Ep166: NBA Free Agency & Draft reactions

The NBA off-season has been on fire lately and we’re all loving it! NBA free agency is in full swing as the Draft has already passed. Some rookies that went undrafted have now been picked up and one of the bigger named free agents denied a sign-and-trade to the Milwaukee Bucks. Madness!

First things first, we must talk about each Atlantic team’s draft grades and which of the five teams did the best compared to the others. Not sure if anyone else felt the same way, but the Brooklyn Nets didn’t really have to care about the draft all that much. The other four teams, however, all had to take it seriously as they either built for the future or had to address needs for less money.

To everyone who happens to be a New York Knicks fan, don’t worry, there were more good things to say about the Knicks than bad!

Then, of course, we had to touch on the madness of free agency and all these signings, failed trades, and multiple team trades going on. The Bogdan Bogdanovic sign-and-trade to Milwaukee will be a head-scratcher for years to come. Instead, he takes his talents to Atlanta while the Los Angeles Lakers somehow attain the Sixth Man of the Year and the runner-up to the same award.

Oh, plus the Charlotte Hornets are out here giving crazy contracts again!

Which one of the Atlantic teams won free agency so far though? This and much more in the latest episode below!


1:15 – NBA Draft reactions and grades

2:15 – Brooklyn Nets draft

4:35 – Boston Celtics draft

8:05 – Toronto Raptors draft

10:50 – Philadelphia 76ers draft

14:50 – New York Knicks draft

18:15 – NBA free agency reactions

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