Tyler Herro Scouting Report

Tyler Herro

School: Kentucky

Year: Freshman

Height/Weight: 6’6″, 210 lbs.



Tyler Herro is a versatile guard that has an elite three point shooting ability. The Wisconsin native was originally committed to the Badgers, then switched his decision once he was offered by Kentucky. Herro has had his share of big shots at Rupp Arena so far this season. Herro is a solid rebounder who has the potential to become a top 20 pick in this year’s draft.

Herro is one of the best three point shooters not only in the SEC, but also in the NCAA. Tyler Herro is an amazing shot maker, but he also is a solid scorer anywhere on the court in catch and shoot or off the dribble.

His scoring off the dribble has improved throughout the season and has  significantly impressed his teammates and coach. Coach Calipari told Chris Fisher of 247 Sports that Hero broke a practice record with 95 three pointers in a 5 minute shooting drill.

Herro’s playmaking is probably the most underrated part of his game and the progression is in the film. He struggled with many aspects of his game and even with his confidence to start the season and it took a while for him to find his groove. But, he grew as a player and learned from his mistakes.

Herro has a knack for knowing where the ball will fall off the rim. In Kentucky’s upset win in early February Herro had his most impressive rebounding game of the year. Finishing with 15 points and 13 rebounds, Herro showed off another attribute of his game that has greatly improved since he arrived in Lexington. The potential is there for him to a be a strong rebounder as a wing.

Herro’s defense, with his size and above average athleticism, has made him a threat on both sides of the ball. It is becoming an advantage in his game for sure. He has solid timing, and when Herro is patient he is able to acquire more steals. He has the potential to become a solid defender with his size at the next level.



Herro can make shots in a multitude of ways, however he can be very inconsistent with his shot and that can come back to bite him often when he forces it. When you have Herro’s size and shooting mechanics, you don’t need to force the issue. But, sometimes, when looking for his shot, he will force it and not distribute the ball and come off as selfish.

This trait can become worrisome, because if he doesn’t find his shot at the next level, forcing your shot will have you finding yourself on the bench. He has the potential to become an elite 3 point shooter and above average defender in this league, but he must be willing to adapt when his shot is not falling. Another quality of his game Herro must improve on is his passing selection when he begins to move too fast it can affect his overall game.

Herro has to become a smarter player, at times his body mvoes faster than his brain. Since arriving at Rupp his progression as a player has improved mentally, but Herro must continue to pace himself and make sure he progresses with his game mentally. He does not have elite athleticism, so when Herro does guard elite athletic two guards it can become a challenge.

His above average athleticism has helped him and hurt him, but he continues to progress with his overall game and footwork it will not be a big feat to climb.


Future Outlook

Tyler Herro is a solid distributing guard that has the potential to become an above average 3&D player in the Association. He must become a smarter player, an even more improved playmaker, and he must continue to progress with his shooting in terms of consistency. If he can do that, then he could become an elite back shooting guard for an NBA team in the near future.


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