Tonight means a lot for the Golden State Warriors



The Golden State Warriors have a chance to turn things around tonight to even their series with the Memphis Grizzlies at 2-2. For a team that has earned all the excitement and hooplah all season, the last thing they want to do is lose tonight. In the past two games, Memphis has made what looked like the best team in the league simply nothing to be worried about. Some people, including myself, have been on the Golden State bandwagon as others have stuck by their guns saying,

“You can’t trust a team that wins shooting jump shots.”

Even though I have defended them all season, mentioning their no. 1 ranked defense and their pure efficiency on the offensive end, Memphis has exposed their flaws big time. Being very aggressive on defense, forcing them to rush and just pounding the Warriors in the paint on offense.

Golden State now has their back against the ropes and it’s time to fight back. The playoffs are all about adjustments and it’s time to see what rookie coach Steve Kerr and staff can come up with.

It’s now or never.

Granted, if they lose tonight they are only down 1-3, but the chances of them climbing back from that is slim. Tonight means so much for Golden state — a team that set a franchise record in regular season wins, which ultimately led to their best player Stephen Curry winning league MVP.

It could all mean nothing if they lose this series. All of the excitement, all of the highlights, all the hoorah. All for what?

How will they fight back?


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