Tim Duncan’s Former Teammate Thinks He Won’t Retire


Tim Duncan

According to Matt Moore of CBS Sports, Antonio Daniels believes that Tim Duncan will not retire.

Antonio Daniels is a former teammate of Duncan’s and a friend as well. He seems to believe that Duncan isn’t ready to hang up the sneakers yet. (via San Antonio Express-News):

At least one person familiar with Duncan’s thinking has a guess as to what the Spurs legend will do.“I would be very surprised if he retired,” said Antonio Daniels, Duncan’s friend and former teammate with the Spurs. “As long as he’s staying at a level where he feels like he’s relevant and competing, I can’t see it.”

Duncan put up some big numbers in the series against the Los Angeles Clippers and he also had a good regular season. At the age of 39, Tim Duncan has been able to hang with the rest of the league and he was a big piece for the Spurs when Kawhi Leonard was out. 

However, Duncan doesn’t people saying that he’s only doing well for his age. He wants to stay in his spot as one of the best big men in the game, but at 39-years-old that will be difficult. Although, it looks like Tim Duncan will go for at least one more season to try and get one more ring. This means watching more records broken and watching one of the game’s greatest power forwards go back to work.


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