Throwback Thursday: Big Country


He’s big. He’s country. He’s “Big Country.”

This is what they call Bryant Reeves, the former Grizzlies center who did not live up to expectations – or his nickname – after the now-defunct Vancouver Grizzlies drafted him 6th overall with their first-ever pick in the 1995 NBA Draft. The Oklahoman big man received his infamous moniker from a college teammate; not only for his stature, but for his rural upbringing back in the Sooner State.

"Mmmmm...Big Country likes taste of jersey" (Phil Hubner/SI).
“Mmmmm…Big Country likes taste of jersey” (Phil Hubner/SI).

Even though Reeves’ career was short-lived, he put up some respectable numbers during his six-year campaign with the Grizz. His career averages of 13 points and 7 rebounds per game easily separate him from the lengthy list of all-time NBA busts. Ironically, in his last season (2000-2001), before ultimately succumbing to a lingering back injury, Reeves had one of his greatest games, dropping 31 points on the Seattle Supersonics. Check out the highlights below and watch Big Country release his honky-tonk mojo, a reminder that the bruised and battered backwoods beast could still cowboy up.

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