The Future: Andrew Wiggins

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Andrew Wiggins is coming off of a great rookie season, winning Rookie of the Year and being selected to the All-Rookie 1st Team. He definitely made a great impression in his first year in the NBA. Coming out of Kansas University, many visioned him being a huge star in the league, but I was one of those people that was on the fence about what he would eventually turn into.

Coming out of college there were a few signs that made me question his overall ability to impact this league. It was no question that he had talent, but when it came to his inconsistencies on offense, in addition to his lack of upper body strength and assertiveness at times, I wasn’t quite sure if he could really be a star in this league.

However, after seeing his offseason workout videos on Instagram and a few highlight videos from this past season, I have quickly become a fan. Minnesota is obviously not a big market team, so their games are rarely broadcasted and fans miss out on some of the talent that they display, but Wiggins is a sure star in my opinion and can become of the face of this league.

There’s not much he can’t do! Listed as 6’8, his tall and lanky figure gives him the ability to abuse any defender that decides to try and stop him. The young forward has the ability to blow by anyone that’s not as quick as him and when he’s crossmatched with a shorter defender, everyone in the gym is yelling, “MOUSE IN THE HOUSE.” He possesses a great low post game and his mechanics are damn near perfect.
Wiggins likes to go to the up and under and when he does, its a thing of beauty. His great athleticism allows him to jump out the gym and put the ball in the basket with ease.

kg and wiggins

When it comes to talent, Andrew Wiggins has it all. But now the question is, does he have it mentally. Every player that has been a superstar in this league has had an aggressive demeanor and a bit of selfishness that has separated them from the pack. It’s all about knowing that you are “the guy” and realizing what you’re capable of and I think the re-signing of Kevin Garnett will only help because he possessed that same trait. If Wiggins can add that and combine it to his game, then there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be the face of the NBA in years to come.


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