The Atlantic Files: Episode 3



The third installment of The Atlantic Files was released late last night as games were being played. One team continues to keep winning, one team continues to keep losing, and the rest stay in a very inconsistent pattern. Host Alex Fischbein (@ThatKidFisch) is back to give you all the news and game outcomes of the last week in the Atlantic Division.

Toronto and Brooklyn are the top teams in the division and there’s a significant gap between the two. Listen to find out who rose in the Sixth Man of the Year rankings and to find out how inconsistent of a week the Nets really had.

The bottom three teams are all trying to get out of a hole every night. The Celtics and Sixers can blame they’re shortcomings on youth and rebuilding, but what is the Knicks’ excuse? Carmelo Anthony might be finding his stride now. Plus, Sixers may get their first win this week against an Atlantic Division opponent.



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