TBT: Michael vs. Michael (Video)


What do you get when you pair the two biggest icons of the 80’s and 90’s together? You get Michael Jackson’s Jam.

In 1992, no two names were bigger than Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. Jordan was reaching his pinnacle as the definitive basketball player of his generation, possibly all-time, while Jackson had already cemented his status as the King of Pop (music). Backed by production from the King of New Jack Swing, Teddy Riley, Jackson ushered in a new era with his album Dangerous, where Hip-Hop and basketball collided. Collided with an unimaginable force, they did. Once considered an 80’s fad, hip hop proved it was here to stay in the 90’s. Fans across the world could not get enough of it. 

The song itself, features a dope verse from hip-hop heavyweight Heavy D, as well as a cameo by Kriss Kross. In between scenes of kids dancing, and Jackson’s legendary moves, we get a peak into a softer side of Michael Jordan. Jackson attempts to teach Jordan how to dance, while Jordan tries his best to bring the inner basketball player out of Michael Jackson.

Guess it’s safe to say that Michael Jackson figured out the only way to stop Michael Jordan, make him dance.


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