Tank You NBA Draft Podcast Ep 06 – Eastern Conference Draft Preview

NBA Draft

The guys are back this week for the 6th episode of the Tank You NBA Draft podcast. If you remember, last week they discussed looking at 6 specific teams to evaluate before the draft for this episode.

Because they were pressed for time, they instead decided to look at every single Eastern Conference team and highlight each pick they have, which players’ contracts are expiring, and which players to look at drafting.

We know it’s a pretty long episode so we’ll layout the exact timing of the podcast so you can skip to a specific part in case you want to listen to your specific team’s discussion.

This weekend, expect for the release of episode 7 where Pat and Aram will be breaking down every single Western Conference team.

Here are is the breakdown for this week’s podcast episode. We hope you enjoy and be sure to give us a rating and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts if you do!


Episode Breakdown:

2:05 – Milwaukee Bucks

4:55 – Toronto Raptors

8:22 – Philadelphia 76ers

17:20 – Boston Celtics

24:44 – Indiana Pacers

29:29 – Brooklyn Nets

32:15 – Orlando Magic

35:40 – Detroit Pistons

39:10 – Charlotte Hornets

45:20 – Miami Heat

46:55 – Washington Wizards

49:01 – Atlanta Hawks

54:55 – Chicago Bulls

58:31 – Cleveland Cavaliers

1:01:45 – New York Knicks


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