Tank You NBA Draft Podcast Ep 03 – NBA Draft Lottery Recap

NBA Draft Withdrawal Deadline

The guys are back this week as they recap the NBA Draft Lottery that just occurred. It was a wild one.

Pat McMahon and Alex Sadwick join Aram Cannuscio again for this week’s episode as they not only recap the lottery, but also go through each team in the lottery’s gameplan with their pick.

The NBA Draft is still a month away, but with the NBA Draft combine starting this next week, we’ll be continuing on with our Draft coverage. The next episode will be this weekend to recap said combine.

Here is the full breakdown of when they discuss each topic/team during the episode:

1:00 NBA Lottery Recap and general thoughts

7:00 #1 New Orleans Pelicans

13:30 #2 Memphis Grizzlies

17:50 #3 New York Knicks

21:45 #4 Los Angeles Lakers

25:00 #5 Cleveland Cavaliers

26:10 #6 Phoenix Suns

27:10 #7 Chicago Bulls

30:00 #8/#10 Atlanta Hawks

34:15 #9 Washington Wizards

35:45 #11 Minnesota Timberwolves

37:00 #12 Charlotte Hornets

37:55 #13 Miami Heat

40:35 #14 Boston Celtics


Listen to the full episode here:


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