Fisch’s Friday Rant: Eliminated Superstars and Dion Waiters

Dion Waiters

Here we are, another Friday with the NBA Playoffs still roaring on. Some teams have officially been eliminated and are headed for a summer vacation, while their counterparts play on in hopes of a championship ring. Others, like Dion Waiters, are already home plotting their next move so that they can have a shot at making the playoffs. That’s what we’ll be talking about on the latest Fisch’s Friday Rant.

Russell Westbrook, Paul Millsap, and Paul George all have something in common. Each one of their teams has to try to keep them happy and show them that they can be contenders staying right where they’re at. Millsap and George have an impending Free Agency stint if they’re not happy in the end, but Westbrook still has to play out a contract extension. Either way, the playoffs and the incoming offseason are two very important time periods for all three players and teams respectively.

Dion Waiters, if you haven’t already found out, wrote a piece for The Player’s Tribune. He spoke about how he got to Miami, and how he even got to the NBA. Waiters recalled basketball stories while growing up, and how got to be the person he is today. This was an extremely insightful piece, and I give my thoughts on it in the video above.


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