VIDEO: Stephen Curry goes bonkers against Thunder, nails 30-foot game-winner


Prior to the start of the exhilarating rollercoaster ride that was Thunder vs. Warriors on Saturday night, I revealed to my friends that I expected Golden State guard Stephen Curry to break the record for most three-pointers made in a game (12), a record held by Kobe Bryant and yes Donyell Marshall, at some point this season.

We’ve seen Curry hover around the 10-or-11 made three’s territory several times this season, so him either tying or breaking the record had essentially became a forgone conclusion. Is it weird to say that? To some degree yes, but that’s just how great Curry has been this year.

In the Warriors’ 121-118 overtime win over the Thunder, Curry erupted for 46 points, six assists and three rebounds, including 14-of-24 from the field and 12-16 from downtown, joining Bryant and Marshall as the only players in league history to hit 12 three-point field goals in a single game.

Curry’s most absurd attempt from behind the arc came from 32-feet out with .06 seconds left, a bucket that would serve as the most ballsy game-winner I’ve seen quite possibly ever. Take that Oscar Robertson.

Curry’s theatrics prompted responses via Twitter from almost everyone, including some of his current NBA cohorts. Let’s see what they had to say. 

When Curry sank that game-winning three-point bomb, I stood and looked at the tv dumbfounded. My mouth was agape, and my eyes danced between my friends and the TV screen as I was in complete disbelief as to what I just witnessed.

With this performance not only did Curry tie the record for most threes made in a game, but he also broke his single-season record for most made threes, as his 12 makes from downtown gave him 288 made on the year, two more than the record-setting 286 he hit during his MVP campaign last season. 

In his last five games, Curry is averaging 39.6 points, 7.6 assists, 5.2 rebounds and 1.8 steals while shooting 57% from the field and 58% from three. He continues to defy logic, and he’s making the league his personal playground as the Warriors’ death machine continues to hum at historical levels. After outings such as last night, it’d be pretty safe to assume that Curry’s coming to claim the single-game record for most three’s made.

As Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki eluded to in his tweet, Curry’s the first player in league history to make ten or more three’s in back-to-back games. What he does next we’re not sure of, but it’s captivating to watch this guy come up with new ways to amaze us. Hate him or love him it doesn’t matter, it’s just important you develop some sense of appreciation for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors because this is something we won’t be seeing for quite some time. 


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