VIDEO: Stephen Curry Goes Off Vs. Hawks


The Warriors were victims of a loss to the Trail Blazers and one game that came very close to a loss against the Clippers and it seemed like the Warriors were going to go down to Atlanta and blow the roof off of the gym. Well, they won the game by ten points, but it was a close game down to the very end.

Atlanta administered a 23 point comeback that had Warriors fans on the edge of their seat in the fourth quarter. Well, Steph Curry had yet to check in. 

Once Steph was in, everyone in that arena knew what was about to go down. Steph Curry checked in and mounted a comeback of his own for the Warriors. Steph finished the night on 14-22 shooting while going 5-11 from three to finish the night with 36 points. It seemed like another night for Golden State as the Hawks had no answer for them late in the fourth. 

Side Note: Steph is already playing the mentor role for some players in this league, like a proven veteran. From

Bazemore recalled Curry saying, “Man, you’ve put in the work, done what you needed to do for this moment. You’re ready for it. I believe in you.” To this day, Bazemore still thinks about that speech, saying, “It means a lot, because even though Steph’s a great guy, to say that to a young player, that means a lot. There’s not a lot of guys in this league like that. If they say something to you, it means the world. I will never forget that. If he would’ve ran out, maybe my confidence would’ve been shot going down here. Things, like that, I will never take for granted.”

It’s cool to see how Steph is giving advice to younger guys in this league who want to make a name for themselves. Well, they are listening to the right guy because Mr. Curry has sure made a name for himself. 


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