Society Scouting Report: R.J. Hunter


RJ hunter

Height: 6’6

Weight: 185

Year: Junior

Position: Shooting Guard

NBA Combine Measurements:

2014-2015 NCAA Statistics:

19.7 PTS 4.7 REB 3.6 AST 2.1 STL 1.0 BLK 39.5 FG% 30.5 3PT% 87.8 FT%

Draft Projection: Mid-Late 1st Round

NBA Player Comparison: Kevin Martin

We all remember R.J. Hunter for the miraculous shot he made in the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament to surprise Baylor. Truly an incredible play, but have we seriously looked into his season before that shot? Playing for a team like Georgie State in a weak conference is going to boost your stats tremendously, there is no doubt about that. The problem I had with Hunter’s junior season was his inconsistency from the field and the unwillingness to move the ball through the offense. Yes, there was no one on that team that was close to the talent of R.J. but you must still rely on your teammates. Being a good and willing passer is one of the most important parts of a game for an incoming rookie.

The 39.5% mark is confusing. I understand that if he is taking most of the shots for the team, it must mean he has to take the bad ones late in the shot clock as well. But, you would still anticipate it to be closer to 45% with the level of talent he would be playing against each night. I truly believe the field goal percentage was a fluke. I think he would fit well in the right system where he is only needed to shoot the ball after coming off of off-ball screens. He’s not good when he has to be the primary facilitator.

R.J. Hunter has a long way to go to becoming as good as Kevin Martin, but his ability to separate himself from the defender and hit the tough shot reminds me so much of K-Mart. While Martin’s strength is his awkward shot to shoot around the defender, R.J. uses his incredible ball-handling skills to create that same separation. Hunter might have a similar impact when coming straight into this league. He has great height for the shooting guard position and is willing to take the big shot late in the game. As long as he is unselfish, works on the consistency, and tightens up his defense, he has the potential to be a very solid starting shooting guard. For now though, I see him more as a role player who can have the occasional night where he goes off for 20.

Future Professional Potential: Role Player off the Bench


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