Society Pick 'Em: NBA All-Star Weekend Edition


Society Pick ‘Em: NBA All-Star Weekend Edition

In this pick ’em we predicted the winners for every NBA All-Star event this weekend.

Friday night we have the Rising Stars Game which has a new format, keeping the rookies and sophomores but dividing them by U.S. born players vs. players born around the world.

On Saturday, in the Barclays Center there will be the Degree Shooting Stars, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Foot Locker Three Point Contest and the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

On Sunday, the All-Star Game will take place in Madison Square Garden. It should be a fun weekend to watch. The writers that took part in this weekend’s picks were:

Alfonso De Falco (@FonzyDeFalco)

D.J. Allen (@DJAllen23)

Alex Fischbein (@ThatKidFisch)

Alec Walt (@AlecWalt)

Chris St. Jean (@CSaint3)

Aram Cannuscio (@ACannus)

Kyle Allan (@kallan441)

Martin Soaries (@Marley_mcfly)

B.J. Boyer (@wcboyer24)




1. Which team is going to win the Rising Stars Challenge and who will be named MVP?

De Falco: Team USA, Victor Oladipo

Allen: Team World, Giannis Antetokounmpo

Fischbein: Team World, Andrew Wiggins

Walt: Team USA, Victor Oladipo

St. Jean: Team USA, Victor Oladipo

Cannuscio: Team World, Nikola Mirotic

Allan: Team USA, Robert Covington

Soaries: Team USA, Victor Oladipo

Boyer: Team World, Andrew Wiggins


2. Which team is going to win the Degree Shooting Stars?

De Falco: Team Curry

Allen: Team Curry

Fischbein: Team Bosh

Walt: Team Westbrook

St. Jean: Team Westbrook

Cannuscio: Team Westbrook

Allan: Team Westbrook

Soaries: Team Curry

Boyer: Team Bosh


3. Who is going to win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge?

De Falco: Isaiah Thomas

Allen: Kyle Lowry

Fischbein: Brandon Knight

Walt: Kyle Lowry

St. Jean: Jeff Teague

Cannuscio: Isaiah Thomas

Allan: Jeff Teague

Soaries: Isaiah Thomas

Boyer: Jeff Teague


4. Who is going to win the Foot Locker Three Point Contest?

De Falco: Wesley Matthews

Allen: Stephen Curry

Fischbein: Kyle Korver

Walt: Kyle Korver

St. Jean: Wesley Matthews

Cannuscio: Kyle Korver

Allan: Stephen Curry

Soaries: Klay Thompson

Boyer: Klay Thompson


5. Who is going to win the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest?

De Falco: Victor Oladipo

Allen: Zach LaVine

Fischbein: Victor Oladipo

Walt: Giannis Antetokounmpo

St. Jean: Victor Oladipo

Cannuscio: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Allan: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Soaries: Zach LaVine

Boyer: Zach LaVine


6. Which team is going to win the All-Star game and who is going to take home the MVP?

De Falco: West, James Harden

Allen: West, Kevin Durant

Fischbein: West, Stephen Curry

Walt: West, James Harden

St. Jean: West, Russell Westbrook

Cannuscio: West, Kevin Durant

Allan: West, James Harden

Soaries: West, Kevin Durant

Boyer: West, Kevin Durant


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