Sneaker Freaker Friday: Big Grandmama's house


They’re so light and so fast, my Grandmama can whoop you in ’em.”

Before Uncle Drew and Big Momma’s House hit the scene, there was “Grandmama,” AKA Larry Johnson in drag, hooping in “her” Sunday’s best and showing off Converse’s Aero Glides and Aero Jets.

Truthfully, early-90’s LJ was so dominant, he could have schooled defenders in a dress and heels, let alone Converse’s. It’s no wonder why the ‘Verse was eager to endorse him, despite playing on a lackluster Charlotte Hornets squad.

The picture above offers a good look at the Aero Glides‘ unique design, which features a centerpiece that wraps around and snaps into the side. The shoe also fits high on the ankle and offers great support, though sneakerheads won’t be playing pickup in these babies anytime soon.

Personally, I find the black/purple/teal colorway on the Aero Jet’s more aesthetically pleasing:


You gotta love the nifty tongue with Johnson’s jersey number underneath, along with the Tron-esque Converse logo on the side. My guess is LJ preferred playing on the road – win or lose, he’d look extra fly in his black Jet’s.

How do you feel about LJ’s kicks? Team YAY or Team NAY? Drop me a line @MarkAGavigan.


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