Should Sixers Fans Want Dion Waiters?


The Philadelphia 76ers are far from where they want to be in the next few years. With these last couple of seasons has come a lot of losses that have been tough for the Philadelphia fan base to stomach. Even though they have been tough to deal with, fans know the losses are going to come, but in return comes hope for a new rise and beginning of one of the more historic franchises in the NBA.

Sixers fans have been hoping that this summer will bring some new faces to the team, and one player that seems to be going after that big contract from Philadelphia is Dion Waiters.

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A source close to the situation spoke to

“He wants to come home,” said the source, noting that Waiters is from South Philly. “Plus, he knows that he could be the missing shooting guard they need. And he could possibly get a very lucrative contract with the Sixers.”

Waiters can’t speak on the situation due to the fact that he is still under contract with the Thunder, and the fact that he is a restricted free agent this upcoming summer could hold him back from signing with other teams because Oklahoma City can match the offer.

One question that arises is should Sixers fans want Dion Waiters?

Well for one thing, the former number four overall pick has had a decent NBA career thus far.

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The numbers are there and as a Sixers fan, I wouldn’t mind the Sixers signing Waiters, but at what cost?

Waiters is not worth a lucrative contract until he proves that he can become someone worth that kind of money. Jimmy Butler did something similar where he improved his played to get the max contract from Chicago. The Sixers lack depth at the guard position which is something Waiters can bring. The shooting guard position is at a weak point right now, especially shooting the basketball as Nik Stauskas is shooting just 28.1 percent on the season.

The signing of Waiters wouldn’t be a bad move for the Sixers, they just need to make sure they don’t stop there. Signing one player after these past few seasons of depressing losses will not be the end all answer. It will be the role players we develop over time along with these contracts that could help take the franchise over the hump.


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