Fisch’s Friday Rant: Shaq Statue and Making Bigs Great Again

Shaquille O’Neal

You know what time it is! It’s Friday Ranting time! So, I’m back this week with some new topics. There has been some talk about players taking games off, Shaq got himself a statue for his efforts, and it’s time that we made the big man great again.

First of all, there was a little bit of backlash when LeBron James and company took a game to get some rest against the Los Angeles Clippers. Not just any game, but a game that was broadcasted on prime time, national TV. Now you may understand why it received some backlash when other games haven’t really been talked about. Then, LeBron and the Cavs went on to play the Los Angeles Lakers, who are at the bottom of the Western Conference standings, at full strength.

Anyway, on the brighter side of things, Shaquille O’Neal has finally landed himself a statue from the Lakers. Quite the statue if I do say so myself. So, what other players deserve their own statue when they call it quits? Are there a lot of guys who deserve one, or are we waiting to see how most of them play out?

Finally, we need to appreciate the bigs in the league. Everyone is getting crazy about jacking up shots that we have lost the art of the big man. Not many are flashing some fancy footwork in the post, and even less are showing are a dominant game on the block. You know where we did see a big man win the game? In the NCAA tournament, when Xavier took down Arizona! Big men will be great again!


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