Senior Send-Off: Tym Richardson striving for hometown hero at West Chester University

Tym Richardson, West Chester University
Tym Richardson is staying around home to take West Chester University to new heights. (Credit: Alex Fischbein/Basketball Society)

Welcome to Senior Send-Off! This is a series where we highlight the seniors that we covered or watched extensively throughout their senior season. Check out our Instagram to see the graphics and phone backgrounds made for each player. Previous Senior Send-Off pieces are here.

What does he bring?

Calm demeanor, smooth offense, and defensive prowess are three main attributes that Tym Richardson brings to any team. He’s able to dribble through crowds, beat his man one-on-one, finish in the lane, and shoot from all three levels. During big moments, he rarely ever seems flustered or nervous and has come up huge for West Chester East on both ends of the floor. Two prime examples were hitting a buzzer-beater shot to win a state playoff game and hitting the floor for a steal in the district championship game. Richardson can lead the offense with the ball in his hands and he can get himself open off the ball. Each season he’s grown on the court which bodes very well for the next level.

What can we expect from West Chester?

The Golden Rams had their best start in school history. They railed off thirteen wins in a row and even attained an overall number eight ranking in the nation. They finished with a 20-10 overall record and 13-9 record in the conference. Guards Robbie Heath and Malik Jackson were the leaders of the team as they averaged 24.6 and 17.8 points per game respectively. They were both named to the First-Team All-PSAC and Heath was also First-Team All-Region and All-ECAC, as well as the Rookie of the Year. Heath, however, transferred away to Pepperdine and Jackson graduated. Without the one-two punch, the rest of the team was still solid but lacked offensive firepower. Heath was also the team’s leading rebounder and distributor. The ball movement between the team wasn’t the best as their opponents regularly cashed in more assists.


While battling for minutes between the returning players and incoming player Robert Smith from McDevitt, Tym Richardson will have his work cut out for him. If the returning players haven’t improved enough, Richardson will get his time to shine. Somewhere between mid-season and the end of the season, it’s plausible that Richardson would be getting north of 15 minutes per game. For years to come though, I can see Tym Richardson and Robert Smith becoming the new one-two punch that Heath and Jackson once were.


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