Westbrook, CP3, and KD Mid-Post Series at Team USA Minicamp


I love when it’s time for Team USA to be assembled because we get a chance to watch some of the best players in the world compete with and against each other. It makes for great dynamics to watch, and frankly some of the coolest super teams we’ll ever see. Team USA’s minicamp is this week, inviting 34 players to Las Vegas for light work outs and eligibility to be on the final 12-man roster for the 2016 Rio Games.

Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook were three of the players invited. The NBA posted this short video clip of their workout on Tuesday, doing  some mid-post work with assistant USA coach Monty Williams:

These three won gold medals together in London in 2012, and the 12-second video above is such a beautifully sized sample of just how unique they are as scorers.

Russ being Russ takes a power dribble and goes into his chest to feel out and elevate towards the middle. He feels, gathers, and explodes for his shot.

Chris Paul sizes him up and takes a quick shot mid-pivot, almost in an awkward way as if he lost his footing, but he had the presence of mind to get a clean shot off without needing a dribble (plus, CP is the smallest of the three).

Durant is just silly, using what he’s patented as his own version of the Dirk one-legged fadeaway right off the catch, not needing a dribble to set up the shot and shoot right over Williams.

We’ll be seeing plenty more from Team USA’s minicamp in the next two days, particularly from Thursday’s intrasquad scrimmage.


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