Robert Williams Scouting Report

Robert Williams

Name: Robert Williams

School: Texas A&M

Year: Sophomore

Height/Weight: 6’9, 235 lbs



Robert Williams is an unbelievable athlete. Whether it is a put-back dunk or a help-side emphatic block, Robert Williams is always a player that can make plays that leave you in awe. He’s ruthless on the boards and can leap over the defender to easily grab the board or tap it out to the point.

Offensively, Williams has shown the ability to back down the opponent and shoot over the top of him. He has shown glimpses of a three-point shot, but his game is mostly centered around being a rim runner and being an agile player who can run the floor helps with that fact.

Defensively, Robert Williams is a fantastic rim-protector. He has great instincts on when to jump to make the rejection, especially on the help side.

Again, more than anything, Robert Williams’s best quality is his ability to be an athletic big at the rim. He has finished many alley-oops and lob passes that would not normally be finished by other bigs. He’s an exceptional athlete and prospect that should only improve his draft stock if he has a similar season to the one he had last year.



While there a lot of things to love about Robert Williams, there’s no denying that he is still a raw prospect. He’s not the most comfortable player with the ball in his hands and often has too hard of a touch around the rim. Last year, you would often see him catch the ball in the post and then force a shot up if the two dribble back-down turned into a jump hook wasn’t successful.

Another weakness in Robert Williams’s game is the fact that he likes to rely on his athleticism to get rebounds too often. Last year, we could see this frequently. It isn’t a huge concern in college since he is so much more athletic than most of the opposition, but that won’t be the case at the next level.

Robert Williams is a one-dimensional offensive player right now. He attempted 18 three-pointers all of last year while only making two of them. While he did happen to hit both of those threes in the last 2 games of the season, he just didn’t show the ability to hit it from there consistently.

Future Outlook:

Robert Williams shocked a lot of people by deciding to return to college instead of entering the Draft given that he would’ve been a lottery pick without a doubt. Williams decided that the best decision for himself was to return to college and now this creates an opportunity for him to improve his game.

For a player of Robert’s caliber, there is always the risk that he can turn into a Thomas Robinson type. Expanding his game can help with trying to avoid that. Robert Williams will be a top pick in this upcoming draft barring any injuries. If he becomes a bigger threat from outside of the paint while also working on his fundamentals defensively, the potential top 10 pick could very well turn into a top 3 pick or maybe even the top pick in next year’s draft.

Potential Draft Position:

2018 NBA Draft Top 10 Pick


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