Report says Barcelona offered Kobe Bryant a chance to play in Euroleague

Kobe Bryant

According to reports from both a spanish site called and HoopsHype, Barcelona offered Kobe Bryant a chance to play in only Euroleague games with them. That’s right, only the Euroleague games, not even their entire season.

For an older player like Kobe, who will be retiring at the end of this season, and a guy who absolutely lives and breathes basketball, this would be a perfect situation for him. Our founder, Martin Soaries, came up with a theory about Kobe playing overseas long before this report came out. Also, there has been talk about Kobe going to play for Barcelona before as long as he could team up with Pau Gasol. Now, they finally have given him the formal offer, but Kobe decided to deny it instead of play and see if Gasol joins him.

Maybe he wants to wait it out and see when Gasol decides to retire from the NBA, or maybe he really has come to terms with a full retirement from the game. Either way, this move wouldn’t hurt his career at all. He’s already close to being a “god” in China, and this would make him even more of an icon in Europe. Also, as Martin pointed out in his theory, he could do something that other NBA superstars haven’t done. He could potentially add a Euroleague title and maybe even a Spanish league title too. Will that help his all-time rankings? Probably not, but it would only add to an illustrious and amazing career.


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