You will regret passing on Carsen Edwards in the NBA Draft

Carsen Edwards

Every year during the NBA Draft, there are one or two guys that teams overlook. They either look too much into the analytics or question their initial opinion of the players. Josh Hart, Isaiah Thomas, Jalen Brunson, and Malcolm Brogdon are just a few recent ones to name.

We are afraid that Carsen Edwards is going to fall into that same class. People will call him too small, not big enough defensively, or whatever.


He’s a baller, that’s all that matters.

With former teammate and star Vincent Edwards now off to the NBA, the success of Purdue’s team starts and ends with Carsen. Every set seems to be run for him to either score or facilitate the offense. They’ve surrounded him with shooters, but that team doesn’t run without him.

Yesterday, Purdue lost to Virginia Tech in one of the more enjoyable games of this young college basketball season. Carsen went for 26 points in the loss, but was looking like a true NBA Draft prospect with some of the moves he was pulling off.

He’s got so many moves in his bag making him one of the best guards in the nation, and probably the best scoring point guard without a doubt. You can’t give him any space at all, because he’ll pull up in your face. But, then again, if you press up on him, he’ll do this…

We can see a lot of teams letting Carsen Edwards pass them on the boards after you get outside the top 10 in the 2019 NBA Draft. But, we just don’t see how you can if he continues to play as well as he has been these past two years.

Carsen is going to put up some gaudy numbers for the Boilermakers this year. He looks stronger, quicker, and even better than he did last year. Carsen Edwards is going to continue to take the college basketball nation by storm this year and we fully expect him to do the same once he makes it to the NBA.


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