Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 8 – NBA Playoff Push

Pump Fake To The Altar NBA

In this episode of Pump Fake to the Altar, your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen discuss the recently proposed 1 through 16 playoff seeding. They also take a look at the Eastern Conference team records vs the Western Conference. It appears that the standings for seeds 3 through 8 in each conference are relatively comparable; as opposed to the contrary popular belief.

The guys also talk about Kawhi Leonard’s new sneaker deal offer. Does he deserve more from Jordan Brand? Is Kawhi Leonard marketable?

After two blowout wins against the Celtics and Thunder following the trade deadline, the Cavaliers seem to have come back down to reality? Are these the real Cavs? The fellas decide whether the forgotten about Kevin Love will have something to say about that when he returns.

Wedding planning has been stressful for the guys to say the least. They delve into how they created their guest lists, and how to let people down without being too offensive.

Enjoy this episode, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and SoundCloud!


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