The Atlantic Files Ep.80: Mike Bossetti from Raptors Rapture

The Atlantic Files
Property of Basketball Society and Alex Fischbein

This week, on the Atlantic Files, Alex welcomes Mike Bossetti(@mikebosports) on to the show. Mike is the co-expert for Raptors Rapture of Fansided, and a host on the Raptors Rapture podcast.

On this episode, Mike and Alex talk about all things Raptors. Since the Raptors are first place in the East and the bulk of basketball media aren’t giving them a chance come playoff time, it was only right to shed some light on what the Raptors have been doing this year. Some people who don’t watch the Raptors may have questions, and even some people that do watch the Raptors could be skeptical about the product on the floor.

Mike and Alex answer questions like What kind of differences does this team possess that sets them apart from last season’s team? Toronto has quite the easy schedule lately, is that a bad thing with the playoffs right around the corner? Should some of the bench mob take the starting positions over the current starters?

Listen to find out what Mike and Alex have to say about those topics and more!


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