Practice proper habits


Practicing good habits is a huge key to doing all of the right things when the bright lights are on. Whether you’re in a gym alone, at practice, or playing pick-up ball, whatever you do in these settings will relay to the game. Good habits in all spectrums of the game are necessary to get the maximum production out of your game.

When working out or playing pick-up, keep in mind things like:

  • Shooting Form
  • Footwork and technique
  • Dribbling with your eyes and head up
  • Boxing out
  • Talking on defense

These simple things may seem like no-brainers but often when you’re on the court and don’t do these things, they negatively affect your game. The game of basketball is just as mental as it is physical therefore, you have to be mentally disciplined to apply these things to your game at all times so that they take effect when the game really matters.

It’s easy when playing a laid back game of pick up to forget about all the things you were taught and not take the game serious. But one thing I was always taught was to get something out of every moment you step on the court. Even if your playing against lesser competition or in a game where guys aren’t taking things serious, focus on one point of your game that you can improve during that time. Whether that’s dribbling the entire game with your weak hand, being a floor general, or simply getting a cardio workout in, benefit from your time on the court. Make every moment productive and worth your time because at the end of the day if it’s not making you better then what’s the point.


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