Knicks Season About To Reach A Tipping Point

In 2015, the New York Knicks started the season 20-20. They finished that season on a 12-30 run, finishing at 32-50. In 2016, the Knicks started 16-13. They then went 15-38 and finished at 31-51. Now, the Knickerbockers have jumped out to a 17-14 start to the new season, leaving many with one question: Is

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Joel Embiid Andre Drummond

Embiid vs. Drummond Lives Up To The Hype, Kinda

“No disrespect, but he can’t shoot. I just gotta worry about the defensive coverages that we have, they have a lot of down screens, backside action, and he’s always the roller so he gets lots of lobs and stuff.” That is the verbage Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid used to describe Detroit Pistons centerpiece Andre

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Isaiah Washington finger roll

The finger roll is the new slam dunk

Remember when dunking the ball in the game of basketball was glorified. We loved seeing Scottie Pippen dunk on Patrick Ewing and  Vince Carter gliding over a seven footer and even Baron Davis absorbing contact and bodying Andre Kirilenko himself. Dunking the ball has always been a staple in this sport and it still is,

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Week 5 Fantasy Basketball All-Pickup Team

Welcome to week 5 of the fantasy basketball season. The standings are starting to split, and team owners are starting to figure out if their teams are contenders or pretenders. If you’re a pretender, it’s time to start making some smart pickups. When looking into the free agent market, consider three things: Who’s injured and

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Kris Dunn

Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Roundtable

Each Week we bring you a comprehensive guide to the upcoming fantasy week of the NBA season. The season is still young and it is not too late to begin to build a roster that will keep you in the game day in and day out for the rest of the year. Here are your

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LeBron James Is Mad Online

God, I love the NBA.   Sorry, football fans, but while literally all of your exciting players go down with injury, we’ll be over here dissecting the Greatest of All Time’s instagram feed. And baseball fans, while you’re drudging through hour five of Yankees/Red Sox, we’ll be carving through the comments. And hockey fans…. well

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Kristaps Porzingis Continues To Dazzle, But Is It Fair To Consider the Knicks “Real” Yet?

You can hook last night’s New York Knicks’ game up to me veins now, please. In what was almost definitely Kristaps Porzingis’ most dominant performance to date, the Knicks toppled the Indiana Pacers 108-101 in a game that featured pretty much everything a Knicks fan could want. Fueled by Kristaps, the Knicks closed on a

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2017 NBA Finals, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant

NBA Opening Night Lives Up To Chaotic Offseason

It was an offseason of epic proportions for the NBA, so it only makes sense the league’s opening night was similarly thrilling. After months of what can essentially be melted down to complete chaos (Kyrie and LeBron meltdown, Chris Paul goes to Houston, the OKC Thunder get a new big three, LaVar LaVar LaVar, etc),

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The NBA Has a Revenue Problem

Despite the NBA’s freshly signed $24 Billion television deal with ESPN and Turner Sports, a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Zach Lowe says that nearly half of the league’s teams lost money before revenue-sharing payouts. In simpler terms, 14 NBA franchises lost money last season before the profitable teams cut them a check. That’s

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The Kyrie Irving Trade Will Continue To Hinge On Isaiah Thomas’ Health, Future

The Kyrie Irving-to-Boston Celtics trade last week rocked the NBA world. The former Finals champion and heir to LeBron James’ throne in Cleveland had his intentions to leave Cleveland via trade leaked in the weeks prior to the deal, making it more of a “when, not if” type trade. Of course, moving a player of

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