Paul George Keeps Thunder Content with New Deal


Paul George recently announced at Russell Westbrook’s free agency party that he will be re-signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Declining his player option last week, George signed a four-year, $137M deal with the Thunder, including a player option in the third year. After trading for George last offseason, the team fell just short of being major contenders in the Western Conference. They have the potential to become a serious threat in the West and re-signing George helps to keep that possible.

Paul George averaged 21.9 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per in 79 games for the Thunder last season.

George finished the season strong averaging 27.6 ppg in the month of April and played incredible basketball with Russell Westbrook and to a much lesser extent, Carmelo Anthony.

Many Thunder fans thought “Playoff P” was ready to move on from the Thunder after his one-year contract was up. George spoke candidly about his desire to play for the Lakers, so many people believed that’s where he was going to end up. But George likes what the Thunder have going enough to re-sign with them for at least another two years.

He is happy playing alongside Westbrook and that’s one of the reasons he decided to stay. Westbrook is the most athletic point guard in the NBA and plays with high intensity, the type of player George wants to win with.

Knowing Steven Adams will be around for a few years, the Thunder still have the potential to be one of the better teams in the tough Western Conference.

At Westbrook’s party, the two teammates were living it up together celebrating his decision. George believes the Thunder organization can shake up the NBA and make a name for themselves.

The Thunder still need another asset to help their team, since the Thunder can’t seem to make it over the hump in the Western Conference and make it back to the NBA Finals. Their last NBA Finals appearance occurred in 2012 when Kevin Durant was still on the team. Since then, the Thunder have struggled to make it back.

What’s good for the Thunder is that they have proved that organizations that don’t have big names (like Los Angeles and Miami), but instead have a strong core/culture can still maintain and capture All-Star talents.

Speaking of big names and attracting all-star talents, the Lakers just signed LeBron James to a 4-year contract if you haven’t heard.

Next year, it’ll be exciting watching rematches of OKC and Golden State with Westbrook and Durant. With Paul George back, the games will continue to be thrilling with more All-Star talent on the Thunder’s side to help defeat the reigning NBA champs.



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