Oshae Brissett Scouting Report

Oshae Brissett
(Orange Fizz)

School: Syracuse

Year: Sophomore

Height/Weight: 6’8, 210 lbs


Oshae Brissett is a tremendous athlete who is at his best playing aggressive and attacking the rim. His height and wingspan make him a great fit on the wing in Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 zone, and also allows him to comfortably shoot jumpers over smaller opponents. He has nice form on his jumper and is a true threat to shoot the deep ball. When his shots are falling, he is fun to watch and can be a really impressive scorer.

The best part of his game is driving the basketball, where he is an excellent finisher and can convert at the rim with both hands. He also does a great job of drawing contact and getting to the foul line. As a freshman last year, he attempted 221 free throws and converted 79% of his attempts at the line; both impressive stats that NBA scouts love to see.



Brissett really needs to work on his decision making, as he often settles for bad shots and commits too many charges while driving the lane. While he is a capable shooter, he has to be more consistent from deep. He shot just 25% from three as a freshman. Oshae also needs to work on adding a mid-range game, as he typically only shoots threes or tries to get all the way to the rim.

Brissett’s ball-handling really needs work if he wants to make it at the next level. When teams press out on him on the wing with quicker players, he struggles to create any sort of separation with the dribble.

This isn’t necessarily a weakness, but an inherent concern with every Syracuse player is how well he can defend one-on-one. Since Jim Boeheim strictly runs the 2-3 zone, scouts will never get a chance to see Brissett defend in a man-to-man setting. However, with his long arms and athleticism, he appears to have the ability to play solid one-on-one defense, but this aspect of his game will remain a mystery for the entirety of his collegiate career.


Future Outlook:

Brissett is an intriguing prospect, as he has a lot to work on but tons of upside thanks to his athleticism and offensive skill-set. He is only a sophomore, so there is still plenty of time for him to improve upon his weaknesses, but he’ll need to step it up in ACC play if he wants to get drafted in the first round. The biggest things to watch for with Brissett this year is his ability to shoot with consistency, play smarter on the offensive end, and develop a mid-range game. If he can develop a pull-up jumper, it’ll help him deal with pressure on the perimeter and will also allow him to avoid some charging calls by pulling up instead of forcing drives all the way to the hoop.

While he may not show it this year, I think Brissett will ultimately play well enough to become a late first round pick. The question with him is more of a matter of “when” instead of “if”, as he could end up declaring this year or wait another year and become a top prospect for the 2020 draft.


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