Do not sleep on the Charlotte Hornets


The Charlotte Hornets are letting the rest of the NBA know that they are alive and well.  They have a 40-30 record, coming off a fantastic win against the San Antonio Spurs last night. The Spurs led by as much as 23 points, but with a rally, led by Jeremey Lin, the Hornets were able to bounce back and win the game, 91-88. A 6-point performance on 2 of 11 shooting from Kemba Walker doesn’t sound like a Charlotte win, but when ‘Linsanity’ appears and drops 29 points along with solid performances by Courtney Lee and Nicolas Batum, the Hornets are able to prevail.

Kemba Walker
(WCCB Charlotte)

This win adds onto a great month of March by this Walker led team. They are 10-2 in the Month of March and 13-4 post All-Star break. They are getting hot heading into the playoffs and they can easily be a team that makes things interesting in the Cleveland favorited, Eastern Conference. Charlotte currently holds the sixth seed but a lot can change with Miami, Boston, Atlanta, and the Hornets all being a half-game within each other in the standings. There’s a lot of time left and as we know, seeding means everything when it comes to the playoffs.

Kemba Walker is etching his name into the runner-up MVP race; I mean come-on, we all know Steph Curry is going to win. His play has been dynamic and its no surprise that it comes in the month of March. Let’s not forget what Kemba did in March of 2011, that ultimately led to a Big East Championship and ultimately and NCAA Championship.

He’s leading this platoon to new heights and they are all following in his footsteps. He’s averaging 23.6 points, 6.0 assists, and 5.2 rebounds while shooting 46% from the field and 40.2% from beyond the arc. His uproar has not gone unnoticed but he’s also getting help from guys like Batum and Marvin Williams. Kemba Walker’s name is buzzing all around the league and the Hornets are beginning to be recognized as a dark horse come playoff time. They are now in contention for a top three spot in the Eastern Conference and with the way they’re currently playing, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they grabbed that spot.


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