‘No Let Up’ must be the mentality for Golden State in Game 3

Draymond Green

Going into Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Golden State must have a ‘No Let Up’ mentality. After two convincing wins at home, it’s easy to go into Cleveland with a bit of settlement knowing they’re up 2-0. That type of effort can’t happen against this Cleveland team. The Warriors must keep their foot on the Cavaliers’ throat: playing with high energy, remaining physical, and staying disciplined on the defensive end.

LeBron and the Cavaliers are going to come out hot and fired up, and they have to expect that from a team down two games going home. But they must be able to respond and weather the storm when the time comes. In situations like these, it’s important to keep the morale and the confidence of the opposing team down. You want to keep their backs against the wall, especially a LeBron James led team because once they see a little bit of daylight, the series can shift.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

If Cleveland can pull out a win, then the mindset of their team is completely different. There’s a sense of hope and then they feel that they have a formula on how to beat the Golden State Warriors. The role players will gain more confidence and if you combine that with the dominating ability of James, the Warriors could be in trouble.

Players and teams with killer instinct know when they sense blood and that time is now. The Warriors have a chance to demoralize this team and take a 3-0 lead on Cleveland’s floor. Their capable of doing it as long as they remain aggressive and poised because the Cavaliers will make their runs but its all about how Golden State responds.


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