No excuses can be made for Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

The report that Stephen Curry is playing at 70 percent doesn’t mean much. It’s possible that it’s effecting his performance out on the floor even though he’s stated that he’s okay’ but it doesn’t affect or stop the criticism of his struggles out on the floor. There will be some who will try to use it is as an excuse but I’m not here for it. A coach once told me,

“If you’re too hurt to play then sit out, but if you’re going to step out on the floor, I expect you to give it all you have. No excuses.”

Once Stephen stepped out on the floor, all the excuses were thrown out the window and his coach, Steve Kerr completely agrees:

“I know he’s not injured — if he were injured he would not be playing,” Kerr said. “Is he bothered a little bit, perhaps by the layoff when he went three weeks without a game? He may not be quite where he needs to be, but it’s not an injury, and that’s the important thing.”

“It’s the playoffs, and nobody cares,” Kerr said of Curry’s knee. “Everybody has issues and injuries.”

Stephen Curry has entered an elite class of super-stardom, especially in this recent year. With the Golden State Warriors winning 73 games and Curry becoming the first unanimous league MVP, he has entered in a class of his own. But what must can’t be overlooked is the fine tooth critique that comes with that same super-stardom.

Every superstar before him has dealt with the same situation from LeBron to Kobe to Michael Jordan himself. You’re never too good for criticism and until now, he has escaped it because it has seemed that he and the Warriors could do no wrong; but now is his time! Last night, Curry was a shell of himself: hesitant to drive the ball, committing careless turnovers, missing layups at the rim, and even missing wide open shots that everyone on this planet assumes to go in. He’s struggling and so is the rest of his team. Golden State has to answer and Stephen Curry has to drive that force. This is what determines the difference between  being good and being great. Their backs are against the walls so let’s see how they fight back, but if they don’t respond, no excuses can be made for Stephen Curry or the Golden State Warriors.


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