TBT: The night Stephen Curry lit up Chris Paul and Twitter


Remember that time back in March of 2015 when Stephen Curry broke Chris Paul’s ankles and Twitter all in the same play? 

Well I do and if you forgot, the play looked a little something like this:

This play got everyone who was watching out of their seats. Stephen Curry hit Chris Paul with a mean double behind-the-back move causing him to drop to the floor. Watching the game, it was obviously a phenomenal play but what it did to Twitter and the rest of the internet was mind-boggling.

For what felt like a week, was me looking at memes on top of memes of Chris Paul in all types of situations. And these memes led to a ton of tears and stomach aches from non-stop laughing. From Twister to Lion King were just a couple of the scenes that was the result of a Stephen Curry move. The level of hysteria that Twitter was in due to this one play was something that I never saw. Here are a few of those comical memes that resulted from that night:

I couldn’t stop with one so here’s another. 

There’s more…

And last but not least…

Chris Paul was the butt of all jokes on that night and was also the butt of a loss as the Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers 110-106. Stephen Curry ended the night with 27 points and Paul matched him with 27 of his own. It was a great match-up between these two guards as usual but it wasn’t the greatest night, or should I say week for Chris Paul himself.


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