Western Conference Preview | The Atlantic Files Ep167

Western Conference Preview

The NBA season is right around the corner again! In Atlantic Files tradition, that means it’s time for some conference previews! Today, we’re taking a look at the Western Conference preview.

In the Northwest Division, we watched the Denver Nuggets quite comfortably take the top spot. There’s no real surprise there, it was something a lot of us expected. The division might look a lot different this season though with the changes to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers. Minnesota made some great draft picks, but we’re not entirely confident that will help them all that much in this season.

Going to the Pacific Division, there’s a lot to be excited about. This division will probably be one of the biggest battles in the league. As champions, the Los Angeles Lakers will defend their crown against the likes of the Los Angeles Clippers(again), a vengeful Golden State Warriors, and a new-look Phoenix Suns. Each game is going to be hard to win in the division, and we’re here for it!

Finally, there’s the Southwest Division which is in a sort of limbo. If James Harden stays with the Houston Rockets, then the division will get interesting. Since it looks like he will be gone, however, the division gets quite boring in terms of championship contenders.

All of that plus breakdowns for each team in the latest episode below!


1:50 – Northwest Division

17:15 – Pacific Division

28:45 – Southwest Division


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