Early Predictions for the 2016-2017 All-NBA Teams


We are coming close to the end of an another exciting NBA Season. Outside of the MVP, Rookie, Defensive and Most Improved the league also has the All-NBA Teams. There are three different All-NBA teams with two guards, two forwards and one center for each team. To spark up some debate let’s look at early predictions for the All-NBA 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.

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All-NBA First Team

  • G: Russell Westbrook (31.7 PTS, 10.5 REBS, 10.3 ASTS & 1.7 STLS)
  • G: James Harden (29.2 PTS, 8.1 REBS, 11.2 ASTS & 1.5 STLS)
  • F: LeBron James (26.0 PTS, 8.4 REBS, 8.8 ASTS & 1.3 STLS)
  • F: Anthony Davis (27.8 PTS, 11.8 REBS, 2.2 ASTS, 1.2 STLS & 2.3 BLKS)
  • C: Karl-Anthony Towns (24.4 PTS, 12.3 REBS, 2.8 ASTS & 1.4 BLKS)

The guard selections for the first team in my opinion should be a unanimous vote for the 1st Team. The frontrunner for the MVP award has been unstoppable averaging a triple-double this season so far. Another candidate in James Harden also makes my first-team selection. Harden is leading the league in assists and has made the Rockets a real playoff threat after a disappointing playoff run last year. LeBron James is a lock to make this years first team for the 11th time in his NBA career. Even at age 31 and a slight decrease in his minutes (and some nights rest), James shows no sign in slowing down and looks make a repeat for the NBA Finals. I was flip-flopping between Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard for the last forward spot on the first team but I went with Davis because he has has been producing very well and has been staying relatively healthy for the first time in his career. Centers do not get as much love in the All-Star ballot in recent years but they are still recognized at the end of the year awards. Karl-Anthony Towns has had a great sophomore year with the Timberwolves, leading all centers in scoring and looks to have a bright future in the league and hopefully some All-Star appearances.

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All-NBA Second Team

  • G: Isaiah Thomas (29.2 PTS, 2.6 REBS, 6.0 ASTS & 1.0 STLS)
  • G: DeMar DeRozan (26.9 PTS, 5.4 REBS, 3.7 ASTS & 1.1 STLS)
  • F: Kawhi Leonard (26.3 PTS, 6.0 REBS, 3.4 ASTS & 1.8 STLS)
  • F: Giannis Antetokoumpo (22.9 PTS, 8.4 REBS, 5.4 ASTS, 1.7 STLS & 1.9 BLKS)
  • C: Hassan Whiteside (16.7 PTS, 14.3 REBS & 2.1 BLKS)

Isaiah Thomas has been one of the nice stories in the NBA this season. We knew he can score and produce, but not many people expected him to lead the Celtics to a current #2 spot in the Eastern Conference and looks to have a nice playoff run in the next few months. I look for Thomas to produce in the playoffs. DeMar DeRozan has improved again this season and despite the little help he is getting in Toronto with Kyle Lowry out, DeRozan is making the Raptors a dangerous team to face in the playoffs. Kawhi Leonard made the All-NBA 1st team last year and honestly might be in consideration for the first team again this year. He has improved again this year on offense, shooting the ball well and defense, becoming one of the best two-way players in the league. The Greek Freak in Antetokounmpo is currently leading his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals AND blocks this year, something you do not see often. He has been playing every position this year and in my opinion can be a star sooner rather than later. The second team center spot in my opinion goes to Hassan Whiteside, who has been living up to the massive contract he received from the Miami Heat. If the team can find some players to build around him, this team can be dangerous in the future.

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All-NBA Third Team

  • G: Damian Lillard (26.5 PTS, 4.9 REBS & 5.8 ASTS)
  • G: Stephen Curry (25.0 PTS, 4.4 REBS, 6.3 ASTS & 1.7 STLS)
  • F: Jimmy Butler (23.3 PTS, 6.2 REBS, 5.2 ASTS & 1.9 STLS)
  • F: Kevin Durant (25.3 PTS, 8.2 REBS, 4.8 ASTS, 1.1 STLS & 1.6 BLKS)
  • C: Rudy Gobert (13.2 PTS, 12.8REBS, 1.2 ASTS & 2.5 BLKS)

Damian Lillard did not make this years All-Star team for the second straight year but has proven again that he belongs in the league. Lillard is a great scorer and looks to lead Portland to another playoff spot in a very tough Western Conference. When Kevin Durant joined Golden State, it was expected that Stephen Curry’s production would go down slightly but he has still been great despite other guards in the conference improving as well. The same goes for Durant, while he is currently injured, I think he did put up before the injury help him make a case for an All-NBA Team selection. While the Bulls have struggling, Jimmy Butler has still bee leading this and giving Chicago a chance for one of the final playoff spots in the East. The 3rd team center spot I gave to Rudy Gobert, who in my opinion is in consideration for the Most Improved Player of the Year award discussion. Gobert has been a force in Utah and has help them to a surprising 4th seed in the Western Conference. If he continues to dominate on the defensive end, the Utah Jazz are a darkhouse in the playoffs.

Do you agree or disagree with the list? Let us know at Basketball Society. Stay tuned as I make my predictions for the All-Defensive and All-Rookie teams.


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