2015-2016 NBA Preseason Rankings: No. 3 Cleveland Cavaliers


The Cleveland Cavaliers were only two wins away from winning an NBA Championship and would have ended the 50 year championship drought for the city of Cleveland. Yes, it was a heartbreaking end to the season, but there were many positives they can take away going into this season.

Kyrie Irving was lost for the series after Game 1 of the NBA Finals. When that happened, the Warriors had too much of an advantage for the Cavaliers to overcome. LeBron did everything he could to take over, but no Kyrie, or even Kevin Love, made it hard for LeBron to beat a better Warriors team. The Cavaliers made the Finals with only two of their star players. Bar injury this season, they will be right back in the discussion again.

What can the fans look forward to?

The fans can look forward to the Cavaliers dominating the Eastern Conference once again. Yes, they got off to a bad start last season, but that was due to the team getting used to each other and LeBron missing time. Instead, they will get off to a hot start with Kyrie Irving making even bigger strides this season. He has to stay injury-free, but LeBron will free him up to score at will. The Eastern Conference is weak once again, but the Cavaliers have to be careful of teams like the Hawks and now even the Bucks who can give them trouble.

Projected starting lineup:

  • PG- Kyrie Irving
  • SG- J.R. Smith
  • SF- LeBron James
  • PF- Kevin Love
  • C- Timofy Mozgov

Who can emerge as a star?

The Cavaliers already have three stars that would be the best player on many teams in this league. The play of J.R. Smith in the finals was amazing as he was setting records for his three-point shooting. If he can continue that type of shooting this season, the Cavaliers will be deadly from three.

What will be their final record?



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