NBA/Hip-Hop Comparisons (Part 4)


In part 4 of our NBA/Hip-Hop Comparisons, we take a look at some of the most humbled guys in the game as well as some of the most energetic. We also take a look at a Houston connection and two guys that are lacing up to take over the game. Continue reading too see who this round of connections will be.

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Big Sean and Derrick RoseBig Sean x Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose and Big Sean are what I like to call “Silent Assassins”.

Hitting a game winner with this expression equals humble.
Hitting a game winner with this expression defines humble.

Two humble guys that let their craft do the talking. The Detroit rapper’s style is so unique with his different flows and cadences on tracks. Often left out of the best rapper discussion amongst current rappers, Big Sean still bodies every verse he hops on. Derrick Rose’s ability has separated him from the pack since day one. His explosiveness and pure will is what made him a league MVP. Although he has faced major setbacks, his determination has gotten him back and able to produce at a high level.

ASAP Rocky and James HardenA$AP Rocky x James Harden

26, 6, and 5…. That’s about what your going to get out of James Harden every time on the basketball court. His game has a consistency that his team truly depends on and with the way he gets buckets, it’s no question why the Houston Rockets made him the face of their franchise. You can see that same type of consistency in A$AP Rocky as well. The New York rapper has always embraced his roots but his music has embodied the Houston sound since day one. While Rocky’s career has skyrocketed over the past few years, it has opened up a lane for his A$AP Mob co-members. These two share that Houston connection as well as the consistency that has kept them amongst the best in their class.

Meek Mill and Russell WestbrookMeek Mill x Russell Westbrook

The rap style of Meek Mill is a mirror image to the game of Russell Westbrook. Its all about ENERGY! frabz-meek-mill-rap-like-MEEK-MILL-RAP-LIKE-HE-ORDERING-FOOD-FROM-THE--a2dc6fThe Philadelphia star contains a rap style that’s based on street lyrics laced by hype. So much hype that he often gets laughed at because some believe all he does is yell on tracks. Russell Westbrook matches that same amount of energy with his play on the court. He plays with 110% percent effort each and every game which combines with tenacity and passion that every coach dreams of. Russell Westbrook and Meek Mill perform with hard work ethic and a high level of intensity which has granted them success thus far in their careers.

J.Cole and Anthony DavisJ. Cole x Anthony Davis

J. Cole and Anthony Davis share a unique place in the status of their careers. Cole has released 3 solid albums and a few undeniably classic mixtapes. Even with his success, he still hasn’t enjoyed the same level of superstardom as some of his peers. Anthony Davis, similarly, is coming into his own and starting to get the recognition for his talent. Many view him has the next face of the league and with his game still evolving, that’s one thing I don’t doubt. On the brink of taking the game by storm, Cole and Davis both have what it takes to be the next big thing.

J-cole-Quinn-CoolHonorable Mention: J. Cole x Quinn Cook

Just off the fact that these two guys could pass as brothers, easily. The Cleveland Cavaliers rookie must think so too — after he won his NCAA Championship with Duke last season, he made his attempt at making a few girls believe he was really J. Cole while poorly singing “Apparently”. Take a look!


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