Three Free Agents That Don’t Deserve Big Bucks


Free agency is almost underway and this could be one of the most exciting offseasons in the past few decades. Many players will ink large, well-deserved contracts with new teams. However, some players will be signing contracts worth tons of money when they don’t deserve it. I am here to list a few and explain why I believe they don’t deserve the big bucks.


Serge Ibaka, Toronto Raptors
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1. Serge Ibaka:

Ibaka has now played for three different teams in three seasons and each of the past three years his productivity has dropped. If you look at his stats you might not be able to tell as his points and rebounds per game have remained about the same, but if you watch Ibaka during the season he tries too much on the offensive end to try to score the basketball, which he can’t do on his own, and it affects his defense. The former league leader in blocks per game has seen his average drop each of the last five seasons. At one time he was blocking a league-best 3.9 shots per game. Last season it went down to 1.6. The reason he is going to be overpaid is teams still believe he can be the rim protector that has become so rare and valuable for teams. The problem is unless Ibaka focuses more on the defensive side of the ball like he used too, that is no longer the case.

Derrick Rose, New York Knicks
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2. Derrick Rose: 

Obviously, everyone knows the story of Derrick Rose. At one time he was one of the league’s best, if not the best. But multiple knee surgeries later, possible problems off the court and the inability to play serious minutes during the 82 game season, that Derrick Rose is long gone. I always feel everyone knows that but for some reason, I still believe that some owners think that the Rose of old will somehow rise from the ashes and be reborn. It. Is. Not. Going. To. Happen. At this point in his career, he is a solid backup on a good team or a very average starting point guard on a not so good team. Please pay him like it.

Jeff Teague, Indiana Pacers
Photo via: Darron Cummings

3. Jeff Teague: 

Yes, another point guard on my list. Teague is a solid player, but his best years are behind him. You do not want to get caught paying Teague $10, $15 or $20 million for three or four years. His shooting ability dropped dramatically this year. He was shooting only 45% from the field and only 35% from three. He also became a borderline defensive liability from the guard position. He is only going to get slower both mentally and physically and no team should want to be stuck with Teague when he is limited to a bench player being paid $12 million.

Every offseason there are winners and losers both team and player wise. This offseason will be no different. But in my opinion, these three guys are no longer worth the big bucks.


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