NBA 2K18 My Player Wishlist

NBA 2K18 My Player

The NBA 2K franchise is fantastic and has been this way for quite some time. The creators do a terrific job of producing a game that gets us basketball fans hooked year after year. We expect this upcoming year to be no different, especially in their most popular mode NBA 2K18 My Player. Their My Player mode is unlike any other sports game and is addicting to many fans.

In NBA 2K17, the My Player story was based around a player named Pres who was the top high school prospect going into college. You are tasked with playing a certain amount of college games dependent on if you make the National Championship or not. After you are done with college, you obviously move onto the NBA where you are drafted in the 1st round.

To whatever team you are drafted by, Justice Young is also drafted to. The whole story-line is based on the two of you becoming great friends and tearing through the competition in the league as ‘Orange Juice’. It’s a fine story and the gameplay is always the enjoyable part, but there are a couple problems that I had with the set-up last year with My Player.

Below are some of the main changes that I am hoping for in NBA 2K18 My Player:

New Story-Line:

2K always does a great job of switching up the story-line each year to keep it interesting. Last year, as I had mentioned, they had your player be the top recruit out of high school and easily a 1st round pick in the NBA Draft. I even purposely played terribly in college to see how far I could fall in the NBA Draft. The furthest I fell was to the 28th pick as I was drafted by the Suns.

Being the top prospect isn’t the fun part of coming up through college and the NBA. The fun part is being doubted and having to overcome obstacles through the process. I had always thought that Michael B. Jordan’s character in My Player, Justise Young, had a much more compelling story-line than our own player Pres. Being a 2nd round pick and having to watch as the top prospect in the nation gets all of the media attention was something that I thought was very cool. Young had to fight his way into a roster spot and a rotation. I was jealous of that fact as that would be a very fun campaign for the My Player.

Just imagine coming out of college as a potential late 2nd round pick or even as an undrafted prospect. To earn a draft pick, you have to go to the combine and prove your worth in the drills and in the scrimmages. Based off of how you do, you should be selected somewhere late in the 2nd or not at all. To prove your worth, you should have to play in Summer League and play well. That would be an awesome part of the My Player game. I do like how they added in the college aspect, but I’ve always thought they made it too easy, even on Hall of Fame, to do well in college. I truly think this idea that I just came up with could be very fun for My Player enthusiasts.

Standardize Sim Quarter Length:

This was the biggest problem I had with the recent My Player. In franchise mode, you are able to sync up the sim quarter length with the actual quarter length you play at as to be able to play only 5 or 6 minutes per quarter yet still be around the top of the league leaders in terms of statistics. In 2K17 My Player, you were unable to do that.

For someone like me, who doesn’t have ample time to play 12 minute quarter games, I was unfortunately never in the running for any awards. That was something that always disappointed me.

Change the Caps for Attribute Upgrades

Before beginning your career in the last 2K, you had to select what type of player you wanted to be whether it was a sharpshooter, play-maker, athletic wing/big, etc. Based on the type of player, you were given specific caps on your attribute upgrades. So, for instance, if you were an athletic finisher as a big man, you could only get your three-point shot up to a 58. That takes away some creativity you can have with your My Player.

What I hope for the next game is that they still give you a certain amount of upgrades in total so that nobody can be a 99 in everything, but this time they should allow you to set up what the cap should be at each attribute. So if you wanted to, you could be a 90 three-point shooter and a 90 finisher, but then maybe you are not good whatsoever on the defensive end. This gives people a chance to make their My Player unique and provides them with more creativity with editing their character.


These are just 3 of the main things I want to see next year in NBA 2K18 My Player. What do you want to see different and new? Let us know on our Twitter @BBallSociety_


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