VIDEO: The NBA 2k17 celebrations are fire


Around this time each year, NBA 2K fans are anticipating the release of the new basketball game. The designers at 2K seem to always get it right and it seems like they’ve done it once again. They hit us with the NBA 2k17 Prelude, which gives gamers an opportunity to get a head start on their MyPlayer career. It’s a great marketing tool and a great introduction into the upcoming game. Now, the House of Highlights have gotten a scoop on the upcoming celebrations which features some of the latest dance crazes.

NBA 2K never ceases to amaze me. I can’t say that I saw this one coming but it seems like they got it right. Kids all across the globe are going to love these new celebrations. Dabbing and Milly-Rocking after dunking on someone is going to be a thing now.


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