#MJMondays: Jordan & The 3-Point Contest (Video)


Michael Jordan is inarguably the greatest player to ever play basketball. During his illustrious 15 Year career, NBA All-Star Weekend belonged to him. With 3 ASG MVP’s and 2 Dunk Contest crowns, MJ put on a show in many an NBA city during his various weekends on the grand stage as a Bull and later on as a Wizard. Whether we talk about his epic weekend in 1988, the triple-double in 1997, or his vaunted showdown with a young Kobe Bryant in 1998, All-Star weekend brought the best out of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. However, there is one memorable event that Jordan would love to erase from our memories permanently. Jordan’s one weakness if we can point one out, was his putrid 3 Point shooting. His Airness decided to show he was mortal by partaking in the 3 Point Contest in 1990. Jordan’s score of 5 remains among the lowest scores in the contests’ history. In all fairness, Jordan was matched up against teammate Craig Hodges who along with Larry Bird is one of the best 3Point Contest contestants ever. Touché MJ… Touché 


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