Portland Trail Blazers late owner, Paul Allen schooled Mark Cuban on what to expect from David Stern

Paul Allen

Last week, the NBA community mourned the loss of longtime Portland Trail Blazers owner, Paul Allen. Allen had a standing bout with cancer and died at the age of 65.

A co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975, Allen was also an owner of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks for more than 20 years.

An NBA owner who believed that Paul Allen was the salt of the Earth is Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban.

“He was a legend,” Mark Cuban told NBA scribe, Landon Buford.

Allen also took Cuban under his wing, when Cuban bought the majority stake of the Dallas Mavericks in January 2000 for $285 million from H.Ross Perot, Jr. “When I first came into the league, he told what to expect from David Stern and how to deal with it,” said Cuban.

“He was relentless and what he believed in for the NBA and didn’t take any prisoners. He always tried to do the right thing.”

Cuban believes Allen was underappreciated and many don’t believe how much impact he had. “It’s just heartbreaking because there is so much to him and what he brought to the world that I don’t think people recognized,” he said.

“But the people who know him do and appreciate it.”


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