Is making a trade the right move for the Timberwolves?

Tom Thibodeau Minnesota Timberwolves

This hasn’t been the start that the Minnesota organization has hoped for. At 5-10, desperation is surrounding Tom Thibodeau and upper management. Their players aren’t getting it done and they’ve consistently found themselves on the wrong side of games. With such a young core of players, there’s no question that veteran experience is needed in this locker room. And it’s been reported by Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher that Tom Thibodeau is in search for that leadership now at the risk of one of his young players.

Veteran leadership can help but I don’t know if trading a young player is the answer. The combination of Andrew Wiggins, Zach Lavine, and Karl-Anthony Towns has seemed to work great. Individually these guys have been playing well but their team as a whole has not seemed to put it together. This team has been known for not being able to put together a full 48 minutes of good basketball, mainly with the third quarter being their kryptonite. Trying to acquire experience makes sense but the way Tom Thibodeau is going about it, isn’t the right move in my opinion.

What’s the rush?

What’s the rush in trading one of these young players and getting an experienced player this season?  Does one player instantly change the outcome of this season and make the playoffs in reach? I don’t believe so. But even the Minnesota Timberwolves make the playoffs, are they really making the NBA Finals over the Clippers, Spurs, or Warriors? I didn’t think so either. So why rush? The best thing the Timberwolves can do this season is play it out and continue to let their young talent develop and learn as they go. If they continue down this losing route and come out huge in the lottery, then they could use that pick as leverage and get an even better veteran player than they would right now.

Who do you trade?

Wiggins and Towns are untradeable – there’s no debate there! Zach Lavine could possibly be a player they could get some value for but I love what I’ve seen from him this season. His growth has been remarkable especially when it comes to shooting the ball so if it’s me, I’m keeping Lavine. That leaves Kris Dunn, who’s the Timberwolves just acquired in the 2016 NBA draft with the number 5 pick. He hasn’t had the greatest start to his rookie season only averaging 3.8 points and 2.9 assists playing 19.3 minutes per game. I’m not sure that his trade stock is that high or that a lot of teams are looking for a rookie point guard. That leaves Ricky Rubio, who the Timberwolves have been rumored to be considering trading previously. He’s not the scoring point guard that’s popular in today’s basketball but he sees the floor well and does a great job in getting others involved. It may take more than Rubio if they’re looking to attain a valuable piece.

Who do you trade for?

The market for veteran players isn’t that great. Jimmy Butler has been rumored due to his previous tenure under Thibodeau but I don’t see Butler leaving what he has in Chicago. They’re looking good right now and it seems that the chemistry between him and Dwyane Wade has been phenomenal. Luol Deng is also another name out there that’s been roaming around. I’m sure the Lakers wouldn’t mind getting out of that contract but outside of a draft pick, there’s nothing that the Timberwolves have that the Lakers desperately need. The market is scarce and this may not be the best time to try and execute such a trade.


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