Why Do We Love The Game of Basketball?


Why do we love this game

Could it be the sound the net makes at the conclusion of a great release and perfect followthrough? 

Or is it the satisfaction you have after a perfectly executed crossover leaves your defender on his knees?

The sweet satisfaction of a hard earned victory?

The pain of an agonizing defeat?

The thrill that pushes you towards your pursuit of basketball perfection?

The emotional roller-coaster you find yourself on through the ups and downs of a game?

PRACTICE (Allen Iverson Voice)?

Being told you’re not good enough and exacting revenge on those who’ve doubted you?

The echo of every bounce of the ball in an empty gym?

The sound of your newest Nike’s squeaking as you touch every line during a suicide drill?

The reaction of the crowd as your name is called during the starting lineups?

Watching your favorite players redefine your imagination on a nightly basis?


Fact of the matter is I’m a basketball fiend, and there is NO remedy for my addiction. Basketball has shaped my life in ways I could have never imagined. I eat, sleep, breathe basketball and I would not have it any other way. Thank you Dr. James Naismith from the bottom of my heart. 


We Love This Game, Do You???


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