The Los Angeles Lakers tie their worst loss in franchise history


The Los Angeles Lakers got beat down last night in Kobe’s last game in Salt Lake City, as the Utah Jazz took the game, 123-75. This loss tied for the Lakers’ worst loss in franchise history. The first time was back in March of 2014 where the Lakers loss to the Los Angeles Clippers by 48 points. But last night was just one of those nights where no one showed up, the motivation wasn’t there, and the Utah Jazz sensed blood.

Kobe Bryant had a poor performance, only scoring 5 points on 1-11 shooting in 28 minutes. To add insult to injury, he also had his worse plus/minus performance of his career with a -43. It was just a bad game all-around for the Lakers. Lou Williams led the team in scoring off the bench with 18 but besides him, only one other player scored in double figures, and that was Jordan Clarkson with 12 points. The frustration was in the air and it lingered following the game. Players weren’t happy, coaches weren’t happy, and even some hall-of-famers were a little ticked off as well.

This was the worst loss of Kobe’s career but after consistently losing this season, it wasn’t nothing new for this team.

“We’ve got 15 wins in the season?” Bryant asked. “I mean, losing by 48 and winning 15 games in the season — it’s not like it’s something new for us. We’ve been getting drug all season.”

Lakers’ great, Magic Johnson took to Twitter to blow off some steam following the loss as well.

Magic Johnson was spot on in everything he said after the game last night. When you thought things couldn’t get any worse following last season, things has and last night put the cherry on top. Like I’ve said multiple times, the best thing for this organization was Kobe announcing his retirement because it has taken away from their poor play on the court. All of the spotlight is on Bryant and his farewell tour, while Byron Scott and the rest of the team are just coasting on by. The pressure is on this organization come off-season. Lakers’ fans are not accustomed to losing. With a organization that has so many championships under their belt, the demand for greatness is always present with little room for error. Last night was rough for all parties involved including fans but with only 8 games left, we’re going to enjoy Kobe Bryant’s last minutes on the court and come after Lakers’ management later.


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