VIDEO: Young Boy Runs On Court To Hug Carmelo Anthony


When a fan runs on to the court, it usually calls for security to escort that fan away because of the threat that can be caused for the players on the court and some of the fans around them.

This situation proved to be different.

Last night, a young boy who was probably a Carmelo fan wanted to see his favorite player up close and personal.

The child ran on to the court to give his favorite player a hug with what seems to be a touching moment during last nights Knicks vs. Pelicans game.

This was a very cool moment for the kid who ran on to the court. It’s cool to see that Carmelo didn’t freak out or have this kid escorted out. Also, I am glad the ref didn’t do anymore than he already did and let the kid go back to his mother so he could enjoy the rest of the game.

I wish that I had those kind of guts when I was that age. There were moments when I was 10-20 feet or so away from Allen Iverson at Sixers pre-game shoot around back in the day and I wanted to give him a hug so bad. Kids like this should be commended for their actions and maybe the Pelicans should reward him with some more personal meet and greets with players because he seems to love the spotlight.

The Knicks lost the game 99-91 as their record drops to 30-45



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