Los Angeles Clippers – the ball is in your court


Game 7, Saturday Night. Pregame to fight night — what a great Saturday that we have in store for us.

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs - Game Six

Going in, many suspected this to be the best series of the first round and man, it hasn’t let us down one bit. In Game 6, leading the series 3-2, on their home court, I just knew the San Antonio Spurs were going to close out this series. Veteran guys with a veteran coach that have been in this position many times before—it’s a logical assumption. However, the Los Angeles Clippers were just the better team last night. They didn’t want their season to end and they came out and got the job done. In a series where the bench scoring has been lopsided, last night was no different, with the Spurs’ bench outscoring the Clippers bench, 48-15. Nonetheless, the game changers were the starters for the Clippers, who outscored the Spurs’ starters, 87-48. Blake Griffin took over the third quarter and just when I was begging to open my mouth about Chris Paul being a no-show, he got the job done playing closer for Los Angeles.

via ESPN.com

As astonished as I am of how the Spurs let that one get away, they have an even bigger battle for Saturday night. Staples Center is going to be a loud and jam-packed arena. All of the momentum is on the Clippers’ side and things aren’t looking good for San Antonio. It could be the end of a great run, but the Clippers still have to come out and put a complete game together. The Spurs will not go down easily and as much as I want to say it’s the Clippers’ game to lose, I can’t count out this San Antonio team. According to ESPN’s Basketball Power Index, the ball is in Los Angeles’ court as they’re the favorite to take Game 7. My pick is on the Spurs taking over this game, who’s your pick?


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