Lonnie Walker IV proves that he’s too good for Summer League

Lonnie Walker IV
AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Summer League has officially begun and just like in any year, we have plenty of players that are showing out and don’t necessarily need to be playing. Lonnie Walker IV is the first person that fits into that category for us this year.

A lot of what Lonnie Walker was doing well, was on the defensive end. He was active, moving his feet very well, and cutting off passing lanes better than anyone out there today.

Walker was extremely active on the boards on both ends. He was showing off his vertical on both ends of the court on the boards and just constantly seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

He wasn’t necessarily out jumping opponents on the boards, but just being instinctive of where to be to get them.

Now on offense, Lonnie usually had the ball in his hands. He wasn’t much of a distributor which he won’t be asked to do with Derrick White and Dejounte Murray in San Antonio, but he was scoring in any fashion.

When he attacked the rim, he was finishing with some flair with either hand.

When he was able to get his defender in an iso, he used an array of moves to create himself some space to go to that mid-range J. And we have to mention, that jump shot from right around the elbow extended range was fantastic tonight.

The one play that probably caught our eye the most was when he was in transition handling the ball actually. He made a great direct pass to the corner and what impressed us so much was his acceleration to burn by Malik Newman with ease.

Lonnie Walker IV finished with 20 points on 8/12 shooting and brought down 7 boards in the Spurs win. We’ll see what the Spurs decide to do with Walker going forward given how well he played tonight, but he’s definitely someone that you should expect to see excellence from during Summer League.


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