Legacy Left Behind: Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd. You could call him a jack-of-all-trades or you could call him durable, but one word that defined his illustrious NBA career, consistency. Kidd was a player that missed only 41 games throughout the 18 seasons he played, a feat that very few players can accomplish. Let’s take a dive into what made Kidd one of the more respected and enjoyable players to watch during his era.

The Point Guard

Jason Kidd, standing at 6 foot 4 inches, was one of the taller point guards during his playing years. Averaging over seven rebounds along with nine assists for a good amount of his career, he is considered one of the best rebounding and passing guards to ever play the game. He was great at boxing-out his opponents and making sure he found his teammates for open baskets. His court vision was among the best in the league. There was a reason why he was considered a great teammate; the ball always ended up in your hands if you were on the court with him.

Kidd became an improved shooter once he came into the league. He finished his career 3rd all-time in career three pointers made which shows how much work and improvement went into his jump shot. Players in the league can learn from Kidd that finding the balance of consistent scoring and ball distribution can go a long way.

The Coach


Once Kidd retired from playing basketball, he took his talents into the coaching realm. He had a one year stint with the Brooklyn Nets. Although they won the first series of the playoffs, Kidd ended up being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Since then, he has started to build a young team from the ground up. He has the ability to work with a young and improving guard in Michael Carter-Williams, a player in a very similar situation Kidd was in during the early years of his career.


This picture shows just how similar the two are in the statistical category. These stats are from earlier this year after MCW had played in his 100th game.  Kidd will now have the ability to pass on his legacy to Carter-Williams, as well as helping improve his atrocious shooting percentages.

With a team that has just added big man Greg Monroe, all they need is a coach to be able to nurture the squad into something special. It could be something that emulates the path of Kidd’s playing career.


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